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Ah, Screw it!

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Original Comment:
-First flash and submission to NG, enjoy, or roll around on the ground a couple of times as your eyes melt horribly.

-The word 'Kerfucken' was entirely created by Chris Nosal.
-These parodies have probably have already been done, but since I haven't seen every game parody in the world, I wouldn't know, So if they are,then... I dunno?

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I understand that this is your first flash. But I just need to say that you should've seperated the different scenes. I got confused because they seemed mashed together. "Terrorists win" was hilarious X"D But it was good for a first flash! My first flash that I made (in school) was pretty lame...It had no storyline in it, it was just a apple, and a worm comming out of the apple, and eating it all, then a bunch of blueberries appearing, then dissapearring, then a couple of worms come in the scene and dance X"D Yesh, my first attempt. Sadly I couldn't save it to my computer...*Sighs*

<<...I like your other flashes!


HA ha That!

nice 1

all i can say is...

1.make the text bigger

2.keep on making flashes!

Kuoke responds:

Ill make the text bigger in my next flash, watch out for it, cause it will make this flash look like crap.

Pretty good

^^Good Points^^
I like the drawings in this flash. You drew your characters very well and shaded them nicely. The different things that went on were all pretty funny and entertaining to watch. I liked the music as well, it's a unique piece.

^^Needs Improving^^
You should definitely make some more episodes of these if you can, they are quite entertaining, and also make the text a little bigger.

Kuoke responds:

Thankyou, Thankyou, I'm gonna start of a short series, i might get back to parodies after that.

Not Bad

The graphics were quite good and I liked this whole"Megamen-Zelda-Counterstrike" thing.

But I couldn't get the whole story because the subtitels were so small!

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3.79 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2006
11:29 PM EDT