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Shikata ga nai 000

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Author Comments

Sheb: Our first animation. Very short.

Ember: I'm sorry if this burned your eyeballs out of your sockets, because... I know your pain. I had to look at this with my goo for eyes UP CLOSE. And I also appologize for the lack of stop and start buttons. and preloader. and... like, 30 second long...ness. I made this two years ago and scrapped it. for any who care, the music is MNebula by some website that I have misplaced. it is on the music file, but I'm too dang lazy to fetch the exact webpage. Enjoy yourslow and painful torture.

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Good and the rest of this only the author read.

I'm the guy that got his submission blammed and you gave me advice. Well i did what you said and it didn't work. Also do you know where i can find a mac flash turtorial.

RiftBetween responds:

Ack! I'm so sorry, I didn't see that anyone else made a comment to this. XD;

Ahh, sorry to hear about the blam. And I'm sorry I don't recall exactly which one. XD;; I've seen at least two movies that were blammed that didn't seem worthy of a blamming to me. What didn't work? Maybe I can walk you through it.


when you said slow and painful torture i thought you were kidding. the graphics are awesome, but thats it. theres nothing else. make something with plot with those great graphics and youll get a great score from me.

RiftBetween responds:

Sheb: We where jokeing. It was a quick and painless death.

This is really just a scrapped flash, we where throwing it out to see how it would do. Something decent of ours should be out by summer.

A Good-looking Bird

I assumed it was an episode to a story, but not much happened at all. Really like your birds animation, with all the ruffled feathers- the flash just wasn't long enough.
Try turning the sounds up and add a storyline of some sort if you want to improve it, it needs to be a lot more interesting.

RiftBetween responds:

Ember: Haha, yes, I appologize for the quiet sound. I couldn't turn up the dang song! I tried several times to turn up the volume, but I don't have any sound editing programs so I couldn't just get fed up and turn it up myself, so I was just a little dead in the water. At least I quieted the crow's caws, or your ear drums would've burst, trust me.
I'm so VERY glad we have a line of musicians at the ready now, I'll NEVER have to do sound editing again, Halleujah!!!

Again, I appologize for the shortness, I would've made it longer for you, but we couldn't edit it due to my little deleting spree. I hope we can make it up to you with the next episode. ^^ Thank you very much for the feedback, it was helpful.


that was cool!

RiftBetween responds:

Sheb: I really fail to see how this flash was very interactive. We don't even have a play button. xD;

Not very violent, or funny either; Unless you interpreted the kirby moon eyes as bloody, and very very funny.

Well, regardless, thanks for the good review. :3

Bit short for a preview.

I really support the animation, it borders on art, but as a preview the viewer is told nothing of plot, or even theme. I hope you have something figured out for a story because the art and sound show some talent.

RiftBetween responds:

Ember: Haha, I know, I trashed it because I couldn't shove everything I wanted in it with that song. Yes, it was mostly because of the song, I'll admit it. It's too short and too fast-paced for what I wanted to do, but I didn't want to believe it. (I must've been one strange 14 year old...)
I feel kinda bad about the lack of story line with it, actually, because you missed out on the opening dialougue too. I wish I could give you a review to the story that would bring it justice; but I appologize, I'm not the writer, just the animater. It's definately caught my attention, and I enjoy the story so far. I suppose... if you like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, you should like this.

Oh good god, I have the fight scenes to do... maybe I should just commit seppuku now and save myself the trouble. lol

Anyway, thank you very much for you review, and I hope you'll enjoy our story once we get it out there. ^^

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2006
6:21 PM EDT