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Canada goes Communist

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meow :3

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that was funny

that was funny anyone who has said this would never hapen or fuck canada are just being a buch of ass holes i thoug is was funny and belivealbul good job

As a Canadian and a Communist...

...I have to say that this is a load of crap.

Ok, how do I start about how wrong this is? For starters just because a communist party would get elected, it doesn't mean that the country is going to become an emulation of the USSR. The change from Canada's current economic system to a communist system would take years if not decades. Also, why would anyone tear down their nation's monuments to erect copies of foreign ones?

Your views on communism are, from what I can see from this film, based purley on capitalist propaganda. Maybe if you educated yourself before making this animation it woyuld have sucked less but I really doubt it. You also seem to think that communism = dictatorship. This is not true. In fact in a purely communist regime there is no goverment at all. The people govern themselves equaly.

People really need to learn to stop believing everything the idiot box says and research things before they make up their minds on something. If you hear someone say something about something then it's probably an oppinion. Generaly you shouldn't be accepting people's oppinions as fact. A little education goes a long way.

The only reason I'm giving this video any stars at all is because it did have a plot and looks like it had some effort put into it. But if you're going to write/draw/animate something about people's beliefs then you better do your homework on it or you're probably going to offend someone. If that's your aim then you're a fuck'tard and you need to get a life.

trust me canada will never go communist

how would canada go communist


Okay first off, @ csudougie, you are a fucking Moron. It's people like you that give Americans a bad name. You're a smacktard, and you need to get a fucking life.

Anyway, to this crappy-ass animation. It could have been better. Much better. You could have filmed shit for half an hour and it would have been better. 'Nuff said.

Two word...


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2.38 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2006
4:52 PM EDT