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"the walkThru is up!! - check my other submissions. please vote to protect it as a resource!"
*thanks to everyone for their responses!*
my first flash game - a point-&-click adventure.
Flash Player 8 Required!!
email me if you get stuck or "swear it's broken"...
('cause it's not!)
feedback welkum.
(short-attention span syndrome - this took about a week, & then a week of testing & having others test it)
- there are some tiny "visual wierdnesses", but my computer sucks when it comes to flash 8's filters, sorry. if you notice any lag, please let me know...i'll do what i can with my sucky computer.
thank you.

my apologies to the sad fact there is no sound...i made this game primarily for the programming experience...i was pretty much done with it as i typed the last line of code.
there are loose plans for sound & musik, but they may come too late or not at all...
so please try & enjoy it without sound, & email me if you get stuck.
(my email can be found in the game under the "what-to-do-?-star")


decent game

Like others have said, the backgrounds were pretty neat, I also liked how you added signs or arrows to direct you through the rooms (some point & click games miss that detail). that was a humorous ending, which also explained why you were in the house to begin with.

Although it had some dull spots here and there, thiss was a good game, nice job

i played this when it intially came out

and going through it again,

it still scare the crap out of me!

awesome play!

starBastet responds:

I've thought many times about going back in & adding sound. I originally omitted sound because NewGrounds had a 5mb limit, & sound wouldn't have fit. They've since upgraded to allowing 10mb, & your comment has inspired me to decide to go back in & add sound. Hopefully you'll play it a third time with sound when I finish it!
Thank you.

Blew me away...

Wow, I loved the twist at the end!
Great game and I love the watercolour effect you've used. Looking forward for more of your games.

Must have drugs!!!

This game was really good, never played a game like this. Very unique, some sound would have made it more creepy and weird. But overall the game was great, love the ending. It did take me awhile to figure everything out and when I finally did I felt very special....yah....make more games damn it!!! Very few ppl can make a game worth playing and you did it...yay!!!
~Ebie36 >_<

starBastet responds:

*thanks so much - unfortunately, i have a job now...however, there's a sneak preview of the game i began working on at myspace.com/abduktion - the preview is over when it says "more to come"...


I love this game, and the way you made the walkthrough interactive is awsome

starBastet responds:

*thank you!

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3.52 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2006
3:57 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click