Bleed: Vampire Awakening2

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I tried to added a lot more animation this time. Special thanx to Newgrounds the fans, cause I do it for you guys and great voice acting by Lucien Dodge and Laura Post



yeah this was a pretty dumb flash... i mean what the hell was it supposed to be about, a vampires sword i mean come on. The things that were said like "well it cant get any worse" and then it getting worse was so cliche. The music was alright but it didnt really go too well with the fighting. And the voices were terrible, they had nothing behind them they were pretty much monotone, sorry man u tried to make a cool flash and it just sucked.


Ok first off id like to tell you this made me laugh like hell.
The storyline is plain horrible...
The voices are annoying.
No emotion to the characters.
No background sounds, to enchance the atmosphere.
The fighting has a style like dragon ball...Comon! Dude thats just SOOOOOO lame it made me crack up!

On the bright side:
The animation is quite good + the art.


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I'm sorry, it's not as good as the first one, voices were okay 'cept for the lack of emotion, but then again, the subtitles made it allll better! (*likes subtitles on any movie for no apparent reason*)

And the graphics were alot less detailed, but then again, I'm not a flash animator and I guess I wouldn't know how hard it is to add all the little details during scenes with alot of movement.

But yeah, pretty please try better graphics. (Ohh, and keep the subtitles.) And I think you'll be back in business. (The business of receiving 5's instead of 3's of course.)

it was ok

good graphics, style is a bit standard, but ok. in the beginning it seemed unfinished, the background didnt fit in with the rest. I didnt experience problems with the sound like the guy before, so lets asume that was his pc messing it up.
the fight was ok, but it couldve been better, it moved a bit too stifly for my liking. overal an ok movie, but vampires should be cooler.


I thought it was pretty good, but there were a few things.

The voice acting was a tidbit off, and the people didn't seem to (in my opinion) show the emotion they should. Like, parts where (in my opinion) he shoulda been getting pissed, his tone never changes (if thats what you were aiming for, then good job =P)

Near the end the sounds got WAAAYYYYYYY off. It shouldn't be a huge thing to fix, but what the hell do I know? Just kinda weird to see him fall...and hear a random crash a few seconds later XD.

Overall, very great movie. I can't wait for the next one. ^^

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3.93 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2006
8:43 PM EDT