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dummy show

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cool this is more better than my other flash!!!

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voted 2

Add more details next time and sounds and music.

shortydevil2 responds:

im sure i will!


1 controll???? Shit hot twat face who looks like a well - done chinese. whats this game about.

it gets 1 for vio, even though this is shit as turd.

Call me a name, i King dare you! Mother fucker.

You fail at life, your game sucks dooshe.

shortydevil2 responds:

awww did i hurt the little babys feelings? awww you wanna hug?


no offense, this game stunk
for one thing it was boring, anf who wants to press space bar over and over again to arrack a grandma.

its a 2 for me

shortydevil2 responds:

its not a fuc*ing grandma its a gay guy cant you read for once asshole!


you're not bad at drawing up people but this game isn't that good. There's no sound and it isn't very interesting. not very long either. all you do is say you forgot your ID, run into a gay guy and beat him up.

shortydevil2 responds:

dont forget the other guys


This game sucks dude.Make something better next time.Also make sure it has sound to it.

shortydevil2 responds:

ok lets see how may i put this hmmmmmmmmmm,OH you a gay guy.