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This is a basic Tetris game revamped with better looks, music, and a background to boot. You know how it's done move the pieces with the arrow keys and your ready to get the highscore!

*This game is not stolen from Shraylo, me and him both made our own variations on the game.*


Very nice!

I thought it was pretty nice, pretty nice. Blocks were nice.....



thers way to many versions of tetris to compete this is definetly not one of the better ones. u dont hav a choice of music or backround u jus start playing and it doesnt show which block is about to come next and when u change the direction of the block its weird the best tetris game is the one u buy on cell phones.

I love this song!

I am absolutely in love with this song (do you have the title/artist so I can hunt it down for myself? A few friends have it, but no one remembers where they found it), however, when it didn't loop I immediately closed the game and dropped my rank down a point.

On the subject of music, there should be a way to mute the sound. Especially in games that can become long and tedious like Tetris, the player should be able to turn off the provided music and listen to her or his own.

The colors of the blocks could also be tweaked. The yellows, reds, greens and blues all looked fine together, but the black and white blocks were very stark and didn't go with the color scheme you'd already developed.

Cyrotec responds:

Ok sorry about the music, I'm gonna fix most of the things you guys wanted (I'm still working on some code to predict the next block IT'S HARD!) I can get you the song I'll put the name in the beginning in and see if I can make it play and pause, and fix the block colours.


Good things:
Tetris music (remixed)
Nice Background

Bad things:
Levels didn't really seem to get any more difficult.
No tutorial type thing

Nice tetris game, but, to me, the original GameBoy cartridge of it I have will never be beat. The speakphonia at the beginning was a little cheesy and the cursing was unnecessary. You should've made the level get progressively difficult. If you did that on this one you should've made the change between levels bigger, I couldn't notice. Even though mostly everyone has played tetris, something important to include in a game is some sort of tutorial. You need to assume no one has experienced anything like this....even though they have.


lol it was pretty good for a tetris at all.. and the music was fun.. I played the game until the music was over :P

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2.35 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2006
7:21 PM EDT
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