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Street Fighter: Another Freakin Spoof is out after 3 months of work. Although it didn't take as long as it's predecessors, Mortal Kombat: AFS 2, I think it's about as good. But that's up to you. Hope you enjoy it. And please review. I love reading them.

Also, sorry if the sound is a little off. That's just an error that occured when it was uploaded, really.



Is Gill really the final boss in an SF game? I've only played 1 SF game in my whole life; Street Fighter II.

Not bad actually...

I thought it was pretty entertaining, and it was a decent spoof.

The Good

- The fight scene descent; it wasn't insane like some of the others on NG but it was not as pathetic as some.

- The references fit the scenes, and there wasn't a single one that seemed out of place.

The Bad

- Some of the plot was completely random, and didn't make much sense at times.

The WTF?

- Ryu and Akuma's voices were horrible.

- Chun Li wasn't used sexually in this spoof! (OoO Sarcasm!!!!!)

All in all, I think you could do better by making it a little longer and more focused, but it was entertaining.

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Y-Disciple responds:

Holy crap, a review that's actually thought out and intelligent! I'm glad there are at least some of you guys on this site, heh. Thanks for the review and for being the only person to really give me advice that's actually helpful.

That was awesome!

nuff said

3 letters

LOL! ROFL! uhm.... Tht was 16


This was a pretty good spoof.. Although, it was kind of boring.. put a little more action into a spoof next time..

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4.19 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2006
6:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody