ShoBizNewsyNews #24

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Yup, ShoBiz Newsy News is still going strong. It's a weekly animated entertainment show, which you can also get as a vid-cast in iTunes! (Just search for Shobiz in the podcast section.) Should I upload these weekly???


F(_)ck you

do u have any idea how insulting the thing about hte baby was, i know that it suppoust to be funny but thats just bad taste u little basstard with low self steam and provable a virgin, 4sshole wen ur child is born without dick u might do a joke about him too

DO NOT GO TO game5.1.vg

IT IS A VIRUS! IT WILL ATTACK YOUR COMPUTER IF YOU GO TO IT. I know this isn't a review, but it will save your computer, and Mr. Virus Maker didn't do a real review either. I REPEAT, DO NOT GO TO game5.1.vg!!!


Ok first off to the person that posted just before me. Calm down, I'm sure it might be a good game and all but come on, there's no need for a triple by pass for this stuff.

Secondly, Zipper fish never ceases to make me laugh, keep it up, this is some funny stuff.

Not very funny at all

Sorry, but this just wasn't funny in the slightest. All the jokes were just bland, and you seemed to reply just on shock value for your humour which just didn't work. Making fun of celebrities is fair game, but kids born with genetic deformities? A little bit below the belt there maybe.

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3.55 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2006
3:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody