SW: Sith Confrontation 2

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Star Wars: Sith Confrontation Again - The Jedi Elite Team

Edit: Yay~ My first movie that got Frontpage! Thanks alot :)
**To all SW fans, Shaak Ti is not killed by Grevious in the movie, she's still alive when the temple is raided. Therefore she's able to appear in one of the scene in this flash.**

Edit: Sorry about the lightsaber drawing blood issue in the movie. Blood appeared twice in this movie, one when Agen Kolar was killed and another one in the deleted scene. I know you wont bleed when attack by lightsaber, for the Kolar scene, the blood is just added for visual effect, its not meant to mean Kolar was bleeding. As for the deleted scene, well, its just a deleted scene. :D

Edit: 1 part of the animation went off-sync, i'd lost the original .fla, so i cant repair it.


This is the remake of my old Star Wars flash, Sith Confrontation, where Jedi Master Mace Windu leads his Jedi team to arrest Sith Lord Palpatine. Please don't complain that the storyline didn't stick to the actual film. And don't expect it to be completely different either.

i wanna thank all the VAs, they did an excellent job.
This is a pretty long movie, running almost 15 mins. So it may take some time to load.
And oh, there are a couple of bonus and stuffs in it, dun miss them.

It's a couple of months of hard work, this is made for all Star Wars fans, so hope u guys enjoy watching.


Good Stuff!

Very Good! I likethe choreography, the effects, evrything, but I wanted Mace and his guys to win...
On e thing I would like to point out though. In the SWROTS visual dictionary, Palpatine used Vaapad, not Ataru, to dispatch the Jedi

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That was great....

I saw your last one with the trailer and know what? This is so much more cooler! It would be good if you made more star wars movies....

This is awesome. Definitely one of the greatest Star Wars animations I've ever seen in my entire life.


Really liked it you should make manny manny more to be fair i even liked your parody more then the actual scène
in the deleted dead scène there was blood !?!?
normally there isnt any after a lightsaber attack (i know it was deleted)

A parody on Anakins (or should i say darth vadors) attack on the jedi's temple would be nice .
One question was that Anakin entering the padawans room ??
If it was i have to say it was afther that windu was killed ...(if i rember correct, what i normally don't)

sry for all my typo's and euh all my five belong tho this

Xennethy responds:

Yup, the blood thing is a mistake that's why i removed it from the movie and added it to the deleted scene.

Reveiw 200! (Hopefully, + first Review)

Brilliant! Expesially the Voting Bit when Sassea Tinn Votes his life, then later, Mace tells him he needs to die, and he dies seconds after, you could start doing them for every star wars fight, or make a custom lightsaber fight maker thingy!

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Jun 7, 2006
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