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Gonna Be Your Man

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I animated a music video for the song Gonna Be Your Man by MC Frontalot. If you liked this song, you can hear more at www.frontalot.com.

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That doesn't look anything like Frontalot, nor any of his stage moves. I guess it's good though


you know MC frontalot is white right?

I loved It!

It was one of the best songs I have heard on NG. I love your flash work and this is my favorite thing you ever made.

I am MC Frontalot and I approved this message.

Hello! It was a nice surprise to find this flash vid. I like it! Your comedy instincts and your visual timing are both solid. It is weird to see myself depicted as a black man but I suppose I have nobody to blame but myself, since my Corporate Logo is a little guy with an afro. Still, now that everyone knows what I look like, and since I am a Rappin' Honkey (TM), it seems weirdly minstrelly to see a black character mouthing my vocals. Maybe in this pomo intarweb of sourceless quasi-objects and general meaninglessness, such a transgression is not that terrible. But it weirds me out anyway! Feel free to re-render it with me being blue or green or something. Or do not ever change it and it will be a great flash vid regardless. Kudos.

Well not correct

Umm ...MC Frontalot is ...well ....white and bald

boinky33 responds:

Yes, I know.

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Jun 7, 2006
5:26 AM EDT