Resident Evil Outtake

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EDIT: Wohoo made it to the Resident Evil collection, thx y'all

Makes a lot more sense if you have played REmake, RECVX and RE4!

After being in the works for quite sometime now, i've finished this thing.
I'm mostly worried about the sound of this movie, i just can't seem to get all of it right, but i'm pretty satisfied with it now (it might help to set to medium quality) and the voice acting is supposed to be a little crappy (this is Resident Evil after all)
And before anyone complains about it, you won't win anything for beating the minigame, it was merely created for the fun of it (also our first game)


You do justice to the RE series

Seriously- Most of the RE 1 spoofs I've seen were about the cheesey intro movie. This is the 1st one I've seen that spoofed the remake. I've seen only 1 spoof of Code Veronica (by Legendary Frog), and have seen VERY few RE 4 spoofs (that were any good). I luved the ones with Krauser (lol he fell). Keep up the great work!

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ha ha ha ha ha

that was amazin! i loved the ned bit with the merchant. I knew someone was bound to make krauser drop his knife when he is flicking it in the air. good job!

i knew you'd be fine if you landed on your but ^^

eh not bad not really that funny could have been better just need funnier jokes other than that it was alright and btw i'm a huge resi fan so lol


by the way, whats the name of your intro song? it kicks ass.

HCF responds:

I honestly dont know, it was just something i found on my comp. its quite short aswell, so its likely to be a part af an actual song. but i dont know which one, sorry

You deserved the score jump...

...three weeks ago the score for this was 3.84, and now it is a great 3.92...congrats, you earned that! I really liked this parody, the style is what was dominant over this, nothing too flashy but still got the job done. The jokes were also pretty funny, my favorite part was when the merchant was on the island when it exploded; and the little side-notes were also humorous (ex: the flare in case you are slow). Another great thing about this flash was that you put a minigame in it, and you get extra points because HUNK was one of my favorite characters too. The Vocals were pretty good too, the only thing that dissaatisfied was that there were too many falls, and in the first game zombies couldn't walk down stairs for some reason. You guys made fun of three games at once, and I believe you should've at least gotten a portal award for this Flash, as it is fully worthy of that... "keep up the good work!" is about all that I can say about it!


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HCF responds:

Thanks for your good review, and what you said about the "someone falls over" jokes is completely true, we used way to many of those and we are currently working on a REOuttake2 where the number of this kind of joke should be scaled down quite a bit. There is actually a zombie that walks down some stairs in RE1 (during a cutscene though) and thats what we made fun of, also thanks for noticeing some of the small notes scattered around the movie, as we were not sure anyone would actually spot any of them (well maybe the "flare" one), once again thank you for taking your time to write this review.

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Jun 7, 2006
3:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody