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Day of the Devil

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Siblings Ep. 0: Day of the Devil

It's the day of the devil and Rob can't shut up about it. Unfortunately, Johny can't stop playing Runescape, so he has to put up with Rob's case of motormouth. Will he ever stop rambling about it? Probably not.

Did this animation in like a day. A straight 10+ hour period of hardcore animating. I recently got a tablet, so this is my first attempt to animate using it. Leave a review.

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This was very fun. It's mostly because you're celebrating a day like this. Yes, I remember when this occurred. I think it's pretty obvious what the outcome was. We're still here, aren't we? I guess the animation could be better.

I'm not going to put anything backwards. I've never done that. It'll probably just be something like, "You have too much time on your hands". Seriously, a lot of people have used that joke. Happy 666, very late!

Spooky Castle is pretty cool.

Strangely I never seen this until just now. Amusing is the world didn't end for anyone ouside of RuneScape world 111, because it was the day Cursed_You glitched his house for the first ever 99 construction party, kicked out Duriel321 and he went through Falador City killing everyone.

Long live the greatest glitcher of all time - and birth of the Falador Massacre.

runescape is shit lol


one would say that this movie sucks. it does not. It created a legacy! for that, i'll give it a 10/10