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Space Monkay 6

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A new semi-interactive Space Monkay cartoon for 06-06-06!

This parodies the classic TV show, "The Twilight Zone" as well as the Disneyland/Disneyworld ride "The Tower of Terror".


-Mike and Matt

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Another outing from our favourite simian.

Well, I dunno if he's everyone's favourite...
Anyway, I remember seeing your initial Space Monkay (which would be Space Monkay 1) and not being too impressed. I didn't watch any subsequent episodes because of that. I saw this is the portal and though, "hey, it's that again". And I must say, you're style seems to have developed a lot.

Graphics: eight. Very clean, nice and celery-crisp in almost every scene. The Bgs were a bit plain though.

Style: Nine. As I said, your style has really developed. A nice mixture of frame-by-frame and tweening here, it looked real good. For me, the lip-sync was a bit off at times, but that may just be my horrible computer - I only deducted one mark for that.

The sound was fantastic. Great sound effects and some good voice-acting.

Not much violence, but that's not a bad thing.

I liked the interactivity. It might've been better to have selected the floors from inside the lift, pressing the lift's buttons, but that's your design. The "Click here when done" when done seemed kinda lame, but I don't know how else you could've moved on.

It was funny, but not amazingly so. Maybe it's just not my thing. It raised a smile, but no laughs.

A very solid eight for you. And I feel I may have been a bit harsh... I liked this episode a lot but I hope to see your humour develop a bit more.
You're going to have a great series here sooner or later, keep it up.

another one,

Of the submissions you see here that are not all that great if you start picking it apart.
But this one flows nicely, the short skits is a nice touch.
there wasn't any one short I didn't like.
there were a few that I will comment on.
#2-I was truely hopeing the dress was going to drop (started chuckling at this)
#4 Sorry ? L.O.L: ,all that red liquid flows and she says " S O R R Y .(starting a real belly laugh)
# 6 L.M.F.A.O & R.O T.F. (help ,me I'm in pain)
I really enjoyed this nice job on the various parts, over all great.

yah kool

it was ok but not the most interesting...


The flash is composed of little segmented animations, which you can view by pressing a level button on the outside of the elevator. Made for the occasion of 6/6/06, it has a twighlight zone theme. But it's not a completely dark and creepy. The author threw some humor into it too. I wish the author would have added a skip intro button at the beginning. Now on to the review…

Animation-1: Short and simple. It wasn't that funny too. Not the best out of the six.

Animation-2: A clever idea, as I said before all six are quite short.

Animation-3: Ha-ha. One of my favorites. It's parodying phantasm, a movie were the enemy (tall man) says "boy" a lot.

Animation-4: This one is parodying a segment in the movie "the shining". A got a quick chuckle out of this one.

Animation-5: This one's pretty clever too, at first it looked like a regular old floor to me.

Animation-6: This one has some funny sound effects in it, loll.

Graphics- Cartoon like graphics brought out the character in this. Some decent animations too.
Style- Twilight zone like segments of animations with a macabre elevator theme.
Sound- Not much sound in this. I wish you would have taken out the Spanish part. Voices were good though.
Violence- Overall it has a lot of blood. Enough to please on 6/6/06.
Interactivity- As I said before it needs a skip intro button at the beginning.
Humor- Not a totally dark flash has a lot of humor in it. I laughed at the retarded republican joke.

Overall it was pretty decent for the occasion.


ja ja ja...(6's all around cause it's appropirate)

that was pretty funny...some floors much better than others...like the blood one XD that was hilarious...

Great Job with this...