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Giant Enemy Crab Battle

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Flash MX 2004 is an animation program which is based on Macromedia History. The products of this program will be based on famous events which actually took place in Ancient History.

So here's this giant enemy crab battle.

EDIT: Frontpage? Not bad for a movie misinterpretating genital diseases. I'm putting up a list of references, should you be left feeling confused at certain jokes.

1) Ryoga coming home from work - "The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole" has a diary entry which contemplates what (theoretically) Jack the Ripper's wife's diary would look like.

2) The Giant Enemy Crab - the most obvious reference in the whole thing. Naturally it ties in with Sony' round at the E3 showing, and the game Genji 2. The description for the movie parodies the claims made about the game, citing historical accuracy and then advertising the titular creature.

3) "599 US DOLLARS" - a hysterical retelling of the PS3 price announcement. Would have preferred a Dr. Evil rendition of it, but what can you do?

4) "Use the carving knife on the crab" - a lot of point-and-click adventures require you to use something on something.

5) "MASSIVE DAMAGE" - again, a Genji 2 line.

6) "RIDGE RACER" - another Sony line.

7) "HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER" - Soul Blade/Edge/Calibur/Somet
hing voice, kindly donated by Borisz. The term of a new contender does appear prominently in fighting games.

8) "REAL TIME WEAPON CHANGE" - another Genji 2 line.

9) "DEMO VERSION" - and another.

10) Knife > Crab - Super Mario Bros 3. Throw a hammer or something at an enemy and watch it die.

11) Ballet dancing - this one's complicated. Basically inspiration from a Looney Tunes cartoon wherein two characters end the scene by taking up ballet-dancing.

12) The red bar in the credits (and at first the text) is presented in the style of Sonic 3, in particular the opening for each zone.

Note also that the character has a light-saber of sorts. He's been seen before - in "Death Nadir Episode 0".

I'll update if anything else comes up.



Very nice job. Man, that end part was HILARIOUS. The skipping part. xD Whewee. We need more crazy content like this, I hope you keep it up! Too bad it doesn't look like it'll be on the top 50 though.

Steven-M responds:

Since it got a Frontpage reference and a score above 3, I don't really mind if it ends up in the Top 50 or not. Thanks for commenting!

Not too shabby

Pretty darn cool.

Steven-M responds:

Non-shabby is something I aim for with every movie, so it's good to know that. Thanks for watching!

You're trying too hard

Your attempts to be spontaneous and unique came off as terribly annoying and uncomfortable.

Steven-M responds:

Sounds fair enough. Thanks for the critique!


I absolutely loved this animation! Spectacular frame-by-frame and hilarious graphics (the two thumbs up especially). This is one of the most stylish works I've seen in a long time, and I hope this hits frontpage, Daily Top 5 or not. Great soundtrack - it fit the scenes well and gave a boost of spice to your movie. Commendable effort!

3.95/5.00, A, 92/100

Steven-M responds:

Spice is good. Once a time, Frame-by-Frame flash was a rare thing indeed. It's still nice to see FBF work around every now and then.

By the way, it is on the Frontpage. At the moment. :)

Thanks for commenting!


That was pretty funny dude. i loved the sounds and the graphics!
keep up the good work!!! *dont listen to the other guy hes a dweeb*
Good luck on your other projects!

Steven-M responds:

Shaaa. Thanks for the comments!

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3.98 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2006
4:25 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody