Metroid Suicide part 3

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Hey everyone! The 3rd installment is here, earlier than expected, but here none the less. Believe it or not, alot of hard work went into this sprite movie, and when I say hard work, I mean late nights running into problems that bugged the crap out of me! But its all good now. Enjoy Metroid fans!


LOL, Portal Kombat.

This one was so hilarious. My favorite part was with the football guy from Super Mario World getting crushed under all that stuff falling on him. The gnome dude was also funny. "Hooray!" BOOM! LOL! I'm disappointed that you won't be able to work on episode 4 for a while. Did the Army call you or did you volunteer?

Sonicoblivion responds:

Thanks again D! These reviews always inspire me. My training in the army is stressful but sufficient. I love the reviews and I never get tired of reading them. The army is a volunteer force now, so yes I volunteered. Im glad you liked this one!

its wasnt that bad it was kinda a random movie

lol i like those little grimlen guys but the morio part was kinda pointless when is there goin to be a fourth one(found the jaws music part funny)

It sure does suck to be that chargin chuck.

This was a random movie,and that missile is STILL AFTER HER!?!That missile is persistent ain't it.lol.I can't wait to see the next part.
How did those etecoons stay alive anyways?

Sonicoblivion responds:

Yeah, it does suck to be that chargin chuck lol. Thanks for the review!


Very nicely done. Would you mind telling me what the song is for the missile fight? I need it. NEED IT!

Sonicoblivion responds:

Sure! Just go to www.ocremix.org and search for the game One Must Fall. Its an old school robot fighting game that is still pretty kick ass to me. But ocremix should only have 1 song from the game and thats what I put in there. Thanks for the review!

Best movie I've ever seen!

Why, this should wind up on the front page in no time. Best flash on newgrounds in my opinion. I'm adding this one to my favorites list in 1st place.

The comedy was hysterical! XD

I just plain COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING through nearly the entire movie. Everyone who has a high understanding of Metroid MUST see this!

I love the part where the football guy has a load of S*** falling on him, then explodes. XD --couldn't stop laughing!

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Sonicoblivion responds:

Hey i'm glad you liked it! Trust me, after reading reviews like these keeps me motivated to do even better!

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4.35 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2006
6:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody