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Pete says: Hyaaagh hagh. Now I know why all those people put "FRONTPAGE?! AWESOME!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!" when they make it here. This is one hell of a feeling. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, SgtPooPoo! :D

Well, this was Peter's first proper animation for university and David's first solid work of sound design, and it was a fully collaborative effort. Pete didn't think this would have worked with crappy sound - and animating it silently was torture, so he relished watching whole bits he'd done at a time WITH SOUND, thanks to Dave! XD

Those of you who have seen Proffate's other animations will notice that the aliens in this work look suspiciously like the ones from the Immigrant filmclip. This was intentional. It's a nod... nay, a requiem to the alien couple from the filmclip that he was promised would be put on MTV. Unfortunately, JC decided to fold. As in, totally give up. Assface.
Anyway, this will be hopefully entered into a few competitions sometime soon...

Originally, this film was mixed in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. For this version, it's toned down, but we still tried to keep the quality as high as possible.


Well unlike many others...

This flash brings out a message. Nothing like ominous fortellings of the future to get you going in the upstairs department. It brings out the issue of artificial reproduction and genetic alteration. "If you don't like this one, we'll just send it back and make you a new one!" Wasn't too obscure and I thought it was well presented.

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Its is really quite sweet and cute. Just shows that theres no need for this discrimination. Love the people for what thay are and this is exacly why the world is up the shit theese days... Pitty... :|


Fantastic job. Excellent pacing.

oh my god!!!!!

AHHHRGGGGGG!!!!! You sick basterd baby killer. ahem. i'm sorry. mabe this was a protest? i hope so. overall i liked the graphics but the story was kinda sick. if it wasnt a protest. anyway, i give it an 8.
(yay redundancey!!!)

cruel humanity

Even though you made the characters aliens it was obvious what part of human society you were pointing out.
The wish for a child in a relationship grows very strong sometimes and it´s horrible news to not being able to get pregnant.
Then there were two other parts: artificial fertilization and biological/genetic engineering.
It was a superb idea of making the doctor an cyborg. That way you didn´t have to make a "living" character who did not care for the life of others. He had to do this, because he was programmed to. - But even "real" doctors do that. They get the order from their customers/patients.

How the father wanted the baby to be "perfect" at birth reminded me of the movie "Gattaca".
How the mother did acceppt the mutated baby was very touching. (I was eating when I watched this and I thought I gotta hurl... )

Anyway you did an outstanding job. There are few artists on Newgrounds who want to have their movies deliver a "real" message.

Graphics: everything was well drawn.
Style: read the comment and you know why you got 10 on style.
Sound: it fitted.
Violence: for killing the unborn.
Interactivity: none.
Humor: for the mother who was happy about the babies.
Overall: again, you did an outstanding job. You are real artists.

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professor-fate responds:

I have never seen the movie Gattaca, I'll have to look it up.
I just want to thank you for writing such an indepth review! Few people bother to go into this much detail nowadays, so I'd like to say thank you.

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Jun 6, 2006
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