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No, I didnt put effort into this. Yes, I think that the portal is being overrun with quickly (and poorly done) movies. This is my form of retaliation, using humor.


Really funny parody
(reminds me of invader zim)

missing frames

The "missing frames in the hit section" is still a rampant problem on newgrounds. For fuck's sake, people - put some effort into your flashes, and yes, that means making fucking buttons that work right.

Understandable Point

While nowadays this would be useless and totally blammed or badly reviewed as spam added to the portal but it's understandable back in 2000 especially since you made this point the first month the portal had been released and at the time you were probably the only person that had started feeling this way. It does show a good point at the time being that loads of crappy submissions would hit Newgrounds.

Although an excellent point for the opening month of the Newgrounds portal nowadays this is just a useless point that pretty much everybody understands and ignores. The quality was bad on purpose and everything we understand but it still could use a much longer sense of timing just to make a much better and more understandable point against what exactly it is your trying to say here.

Not a bad video to check out with one of the first people speaking out on what most of the portal is becoming but due to the fact that it was quickly outdated it has a small replay effect.

-TY Reviews

Not much has changed!

Well, this sentiment was said back in 2000, and its still exactly the same situation we find ourself in today! Yeah, theres good entries that get released all the time, but clicking on any of the recently added entries on the Portal is quite a Russian Roulette style affair, with you never knowing if what you're going to see is decent or not. And thats after they've survived judgement! Some of the movies you see that are under judgement are routinely terrible sometimes with no redeeming qualities, obviously crapped out with no effort.

Hot Damn

I'd let that pea in MY nut

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Apr 27, 2000
1:40 AM EDT