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Sunshine Episode 666

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So it's time for Sunshine Episode 666. Tomorrow is the day ladies and laddies. Tomorrow is the day we'll all die. =)

So watch this piece of crap and cry yourself to sleep you fancy pants. Hihi. ^^

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hmmmmmmmmmmmm im so bored this is boring but the music is good and one more thing put more time

Wait a second!!!

I watched it yesterday and i am still alive!

Lacks everything, even the will to live

I hate people who spend 1 minute on a flash movie.
I also hate people who write way too serious reviews on stupid flash clips.
But this isn't even funny:
Let's go into detail as to what you have created;

...A sun.. wow it amazingly will follow your cursor when clicked

...Still fire on a hill...

... Round about a 3 framed flowers supposedly on fire movieclip copied and pasted five times and horrizontaly fliped for 3 of them...

... God knows what the music was ( I'm sure he realy doesn't )

...And no satasfaction for the viewer


Next time, spend more than 5 minutes on your flash

It is pointless, and it hurts yiur eyes watching it! Never make flash again!

An evil sun and a violent sunshine episode? Cool.

Never seen one like this. Specials are good and this is a favourite of mine. You know I never realised hows new a series this one was. Still good though. I reckon a bonus episode featuring every special would be great, this episode included. That would be the day.

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2.76 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2006
3:13 PM EDT