DBZ in a Nutshell

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DBZ In a Nutshell audio by Egoraptor

All DBZ episodes summed up into one. The grafix simulate true Amine Style! LOL

This movie was reported to cheat its way to #1, but NG crew were hasty in a decision, due to my past, ehem, uh, record, but it's pretty much cleared up that the person responsible was not me, and i hope you dont vote 0 every day till this gets blammed


srew u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any dbz fan in the right mind would give a single star to this load of garbage and vegeta is not on gokus side!!! you even got the power levels wrong frezias is 530000 and if my math is right gokus most powerful move combo should put his power level at 1500000

i gave you a 0 cause you cheat!

first of all your animation sucks, the only reasin you got a good score is because the sound is funny and you cheated! you would have done fine without the auto voting 5 script thingy but im goin to vote 0 because you cheated and everybody hates cheaters so BLAM this peice of crap!

that was pitiful and untrue

First of all you left out 50% of all dragon ball z episodes aren't evan about the z fighters vs. cell and Freza. Second of all freza never joined forces with cell. Third you didn't evan pretend there was a winner evan though we all know who wins. hehe. The drawings were completly unrealistic and there was no animation, so it wasn't evan an episode. and well i could say more you all probably don't really care so oh well. bybye your dbz nutcase some random dude.

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What is this crap?

Seriosly, what the fuck!!!!!


get lost

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3.82 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2001
3:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature September 16, 2001