When Gnomes Fail

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We made this in 3 days, purely created to make you laugh, hope you enjoy it. The song "Do you wanna fuck" was created and sung by the great Marc.M of sickanimation.com, we recorded a new version of the intro for it.


Remember me of Skittle and shitz.

Just a bunch of jealous whiners who cant even understand the simple fact that we like flash they dont like. Seriously, I'm gonna say to you the same thing I said to the guys who made Skittle and shitz. First thing: Most of the people who vote 5 or 4 on this submission actually like Legendary Frog and just like the joke you stole from him.

Second thing: I dont like Clock flash so you know what I do? I stop watching and voting on them! If some people like those flash then it would be stupid from me to vote 0 on all the clock flash just because its clock flash! You dont like legendary frog? Why the hell are you still watching is flash then??? And why should it bother you if we like him?

Third thing: This flash as basically no other goal then insulting someone...thats really pathetic! Dont you have anything better to do then insulting someone who never did anything bad to you and who make flash that lots of people like?

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well then

if one of you are piconjo then welcome back piconjo (i think) but if ur just tributing him then whatever. the animation was good but really legendary frog jokes?!. Just to be neutral this flash had good animation but i still liked "when gnomes fly" by legendary frog and if its going to be parodied it better atleast be a well done parody, this was well done but kind of stupid.

What is the point?

What is the point of this animation? It's just a complete heap of wasted energy.

The voices are pretty good, the graphics are pretty good, so why not put all that into something decent? What you have here is a complete load of bullshit. It's like you thought up all the worst jokes ever, made them a bit worse and then just poured them in a giant gay mixing pot with some penises and farts. Penis humour is really really old and just not funny any more, and parodies only work if you have something good to parody in the first place.

jenova-absolute responds:

Alright Joe you nonce, go back to ultima island.

Im glad...

i dont have your self-esteem, putting all my hope ef some fame into one crappy theme, mocking others. The whole "piconjo" thing was fun for a week, but now it just seems desperate and pathetic.
Tlf does make better movies anyway, biyatch!

jenova-absolute responds:

Unlike LF not everyone is seeking fame. Yea, I'm really putting all my hope into mocking legendary frog, all 3 days of it. Thats what you call desperate and pathetic? I call it funny and stupid, you had better not watch Jay and Silent Bob Strike back, you'll walk out of the room in rage!

That was funny!!

This should pass!!! nothings better than the dick grabbing the guy by the mouth and dragging him closer. 10 out of 10

jenova-absolute responds:

lmao, thanks, I hope it does pass!

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3.20 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2006
10:44 PM EDT
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