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EDIT: Ok, that "Y2K" thing you might have seen in the credits? Most likely won't happen. Was gonna be this but with a robot at the end. Thought you guys wouldn't like that. Just ignore it.

The day of the devil is upon us. Here's a short, funny Flash about what might happen. I only submitted it 3 days early in fear of the name being taken. So, sue me.

Easter Egg: Right-click and uncheck Play when you see the calendar. Zoom in and you can read the comic. I made it, it's a scene from my Mitch's Life Revolution series, from the first episode. You might not understand some of it, but it's funny. (I'm unsure if you can read the comic from "Summer Starts Early"...) Also, if Satan's voice sounds uncannily like mine... it is. It was going to be Derek originally, (his voice is similar to mine), but he's too obscure a character. He's only been in Acrossthe Nightmare. (He was one of the zombies.)

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So the world doesnt end june 6, 2006..

not if i can help it

xD lol


haha ,the guy got pwned by the devil

*witty comment*

Not that anyone cares, but my friend was born on june 6th xP

could be a 10, and i love all of your other movies, but the animation wasn't that great, but i loved the joke

That was funny

i like the ending haha and the song wtf but nice


That was witty


Your lord and master Cj

GunBooster responds: