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Flash 8 needed
Guide your marble through a series of mazes using the arrow keys, and make sure you avoid holes, stompers and other things.

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Upon first glance, this game just seemed too easy. It was truly anything but! I was fascinated at how difficult it could be given its design. There really are a lot of ways to beat each level. They seem to be all equally hard to me. It's admirable to make something so stylistic.

You really had to be fancy with your fingers on this. I could not understand how to get to another place in a certain way. The music is also nice and technological. It's probably the best game you could make of something with this design. Just don't get cocky!

Nice, but ...

Well the game is super, and very nervous, but I agree with others, the "too close" glitch is very very very heavy !

ahh infame to me

the levels are ahardest and i kill you with a gun

Goob but u could fix a few things...

I liked this flash, except a few things bugged me...
1. You tend to loose even if you were quite far away from the holes.
2. Some objects (like the crushing things) made you loose even if you weren't touching them, you just had to be in the "invisible box" or "bounding box" around them. In that case, you shold have used "this.hitTest (x,y,shapeFlag)" But i suspect you probably used
"this.hitTest (_root.ground)" which is really only good for squares and rectangles.
3. The last thing that really annoyed me about this game was the music, not actually the music itself, but the inability to turn the freakin thing off. The music itself was very good and suited the game, but after a while it starts to get to you. But i don't know what you did, but for some reason you cant turn it off. When you turn it off it justs comes back on again after about 15 seconds. REALLY SCREWY!

But apart from these minor problems, it is a well made game. Ecellent level design by the way :)

Very nice, but...

The holes have too much 'gravity' and suck the ball in even when it's a decent distance away from it.

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3.52 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2006
3:35 AM EDT
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