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Session 4: Basic Movement

Note: The indentions in the code may cause problems. Try removing all spaces before every line, or copy the code from the session file.

I haven't done these in a while, so I thought why not? Be sure to check out http://gamerdisclaimer.com for more!

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you should make it to where you teach us how to draw Murky so that we can *cough* copy *cough* the Murloc RPG series.Oh well. just teach us how to make a Murloc RPG so that we can add our own weird twists....


Truly, thanks a lot! Saw this ages ago, but just now i tried it out myself, and it works awesomely..

To the ones having trouble: It is because you copy-paste the code, and when you do that, insertions (the ones you make with a click on "Tab") will be transformed to spaces. Replace the spaces with "tab"'s or remove them and it will work :)

i like it

if you cuold explain the code bit by bit that would be nice


This is decent i looked it over. But for some reason the coding is acting funny. Do i have to name the movie clip "murky"


nice but i need help with your gun game when ever i click on m object it wont play help me please