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Blockhead: Episode 7

rated 4.41 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Jun 1, 2006 | 3:16 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged June 1, 2006
  • Daily Feature June 2, 2006
  • Weekly 3rd Place June 7, 2006

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Author Comments

Blockhead, Episode 7: Imagination

Blockhead would never tell a lie, but the Conscience is skeptical.

Note: The "Courtroom Intro" for this episode was voted for by the memebers of the forums at
Note 2: Thanks for front page, Tom, my precious!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Blockhead rocks! keep up the good work!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

As always, amazing.

What you manage to do with random humor is astounding. Alot of people dont get this, but its plain terrible to actually make random humor that is funny in the long run. Diversity is tough to accomplish, or so I figured. Well it seems to be a cakewalk for you. :)

Its also interesting to see how everyone loves a different part the best, meaning you somehow create something almost everyone likes.

Btw: mind telling me the # of easter eggs are in this movie? I'm making a checklist here but I might now be looking for things that are not there :).

Wizard, according to your review you missed the robot. ;)

The-Swain responds:

I'll give you one you may have missed (I already mentioned it in a previous response). The gentleman with the bright hair and blue sweater in the first flashback, the one sitting down on the bench, is the Russian-looking chap from Ep.4 who lives beside the Old Woman.

As for an exact number, I haven't really counted them all, but I can probably fill in the blanks on an incomplete list.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review #500, to be used on an awesome cartoon.

I began watching the newest of Blockhead with pretty high expectations, seeing as how it's awesome and everything. The introduction began in the Court of Law, which wasn't be first choice, but I still figured it'd be pretty funny. Seeing Blockhead on the jury with his #1 guy foam finger was cool. I was confused as to why the prosecutor said objection as if it were a question, as it made him look pretty incompetent. If he was, than Blockhead would be doing him a favor by telling him about Exhibit A, no? Then Blockhead comes out of nowhere and throws the paper on the ground. Everyone gets confused and they go to a recess with Blockhead rolling around everywhere. I found the ending to be pretty abrupt, and was actually a little disappointed by it. It was funny, but it felt like it could've went further. Of course, that would've meant having to wait longer for his episode.

And on a side note, I never realized that the whole intro was either 1 frame, or some movie clip of sorts. Whatever it is, you can’t pause the flash during the intro, which isn’t a big deal, just something I never noticed.

Anyway, now we get to the best part, the house and the conscience. My first thought was that there was blood and stuff on the walls caused by tongs. I like how Blockhead’s always smiling at the conscience though, as I can tell it’s really annoying him. And right there are (some of?) the great Easter eggs, such as the photo of the cop and the great “F see me after class” paper. I also like the jar of nails- apparently he could sell all of them in the earlier episode. Oh well. I must say that I found the way Blockhead says “no one died” to be hilarious, like he feels that he accomplished something by not having anyone die while he went to the park.

Now, onto the way the park was structured: love it. The flashback feeling worked very well, and the hot dog in the nose was great. I also just realized that Blockhead only has 3 fingers. I can’t tell if he’s got a thumb or not. Does he? He continued to bother the conscience by picking up the phone (still improperly, which was funny), then eating it, and then redoing the flashback. I’m trying to figure out what that guy with the knife was doing in the flashback. Apparently Blockhead’s got a weird mind. Oh, and I saw the old woman again. Wasn’t going to miss that. Well, after Blockhead’s politics and water carnival.

The flash then goes to a 3rd flashback (which keep getting better as they progress), with rock-throwing, evil eyes, and the mysterious lavatory goblin (which explains the screenshot I saw earlier, even though I wouldn’t have figured it was at a park). The rainbow psychedelic part was hilarious, as it seemed like Blockhead was high or something. It made it funnier that he most likely wasn’t. You know that I can do that same eyebrow thing that the conscience does? Yep. And then the flash ended. Aw…
Oh, it didn’t, yay.

Then we get to the 4th and best flashback. A very crudely drawn portrait of Blockhead’s day was definitely funny. I love the King of Toilet Town hobo guy. The hobo comes out of blockhead’s fridge at the end, even though I don’t know how he fit in there. And then it ended, unfortunately for real this time. One last thing of note I noticed in your flashes was the inclusion of black guys. I see that so rarely in flashes, yet it makes yours seem more realistic and enjoyable to watch. I can now also say you probably have the best diverse flashes on the web now after seeing that. Well, I can’t give you a 10, seeing as how my harsh grading can’t let the intro be a 10/10 kind of intro. It was still great though, and I’ll make sure this flash doesn’t fall to 4.19 like everything else. Now to see if there are any more easter eggs I may have missed.

-wizardman, review #500.

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The-Swain responds:

The lawyer was supposed to be a little inept, I think. He didn't look too professional without a suit jacket or anything. Then again, Blockhead can make morons of us all, so I don't blame him too much.

And the intro, yes, she is a beautiful movie clip. It's much easier to add it to each new cartoon that way. You can still pause the film during the intro of Episode 1, however. I thought about doing it that way for every episode, but for those of us who get tired of seeing the intro every time, you can just right-click/PLAY and get on with the episode. Magic!

As for the first kitchen scene, I think you nailed (haha, lame joke) all the easter eggs. There's something else I added that isn't so much of an easter egg but might count: you can BARELY see the edge of the roof of a house through the window of the back door. There's more drawn but you can't see it - the house is the one you see through the window by the attic stairs in Time Squad. Again, it's not an easter egg so much as it's my attempt to be accurate.

Blockhead does have a thumb, but it's usually tucked underneath his other three fingers, especially when he's walking. You'll see the thumb clearly when he's dropping the scorpion into the hunger-mobile. As for the character with the knife, you should have youself a look at the Greasy Moose series here on Newgrounds. It will explain all.

Haha, whenever I think of someone being furious, I think of the vibrating eyebrows in Dragon Ball Z. That's where that came from.

And there are a few easter eggs you haven't mentioned, some of which may not become clear until future episodes (ooohhh...suspense!)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I just love these flashes.

Blockhead has got to be one of the coolest guys of all time. Without a doubt. I love his voice... it's so cute! Actually, all the voice acting is pretty much perfect. And I was laughing all the way through that court thing. "You dropped it. You dropped it and I want you to PICK IT UP."



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of the best cartoons yet!

I love blockhead! "and then I flushed all the potties and had A WA-TER CA-ARNIVAAL!" You don't need any constructive critcism! I laugh at these no matter how many times I see them!