MGS: Trip Home

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This is both our first flash. The story isn't based on any particular part of the game. It' set after Metal Gear Solid 2 sometime. Snake and Raiden are on their way home on a "military cargo plane". We wrote this flash in september but only recently, we started animating it. We're both great fans of the game. Like a lot of people, we hate Raiden and Rose lol. We're very proud of it. And even if at times, it was hard or we were annoyed at each or we were "huuungry", it was worth it. We hope you'll enjoy this flash. Please comment.


We all hate Raiden

The terrorists cracked me up

Hilarious! xD

This is the best MGS Praody I've ever seen! =D
Great Job!

You did a very good job. Please do it again.

I am very blown away by this video. It was hilarious and made me want to laugh. Yes I know Raiden is annoying sometimes but the plot to this was great. I really enjoyed it. Please do another one.

VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job very good story line good humor with raiden being a childish fag keep up the good work


Jesus, I just have to say I love this submission I'm showing it to all my friends, it's just so bloody funny;
The Animations were cute, the voices you guys did were awesome, I practically laughed when Raiden kept saying he's hungry.
If theres a way to download it to PlayStationPortables, please let me in on the info, because I love it!
I'd love to see a second part to this; like Raiden has to find his way home or something, lol!
Again I'd like to say that was fucking awesome! You've got my overall 10 points, I'd give you 1million if it could go that far.

I'll definately be looking out for some more of your vids, because this one I absolutely love.
I was really depressed before I saw that, and it's made me forget I was upset.


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Aeonstars responds:

Thanks for the kind review. I was a little down myself and reading this cheered me up lol. I can't promise anything new super soon but keep your eyes open :P. thanks again.


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Jun 1, 2006
1:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody