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Download Coactive in mp3 format: http://www.sgxmusic.com/
20%5BShort%20Edit%5D.mp3 and other music by SGX at www.sgxmusic.com.

For an in-depth tutorial how to play this (hopefully you won't need it), check www.sgxmusic.com/idontge

This interactive Flash application was created to let the user build and arrange his or her own version of my song “Coactive” from premade audio pieces within a visually appealing graphical user interface. My goal was to make something interesting both visually and musically and to be able to arrange an entire song with real structure and development in the Flash application.

In “Coactive,” the user can turn loops of separate instruments, melodies, and beats on and off as he pleases. Each audio loop is accompanied by a visual animated representation of the audio. The application contains five different “sections” of the song. Each section allows the user to trigger a different combination of up to eight loops. The goal in the design of the audio controls was always to bolster a musical result; loops of audio do not begin as soon as they are triggered -they begin at the beginning of the next measure. The application only moves to the next section at the end of a four-bar period to allow musical phrases to be completed, and the user can pre-select which loops he wants to play automatically once the transition to a new section is complete.

For the design of the user interface, I deliberately kept it somewhat cryptic and not obvious. I didn’t want any words, letters, numbers, or identifiable symbols anywhere on the screen. All sounds and song structures are represented visually. The music is generally pretty abstract and non-specific in meaning, so I wanted the user interface to match that feeling. I’ve found that a lot of what is interesting in interactive media is playing with the system until you find out how it works. Hopefully the user will be able to figure out mine eventually, but learning it should be fun. If the user is stuck, there is a little tab with a question mark that initiates a help mode that explains the system.

I hope you have fun playing around with this.

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I must say..

Once starting off every sound possible at the same time clicking the arrow in the top right corner and green-overing every sound at the last square made a beautiful sound.

One of the best Music Themed Flash Games

The only complaint I have about this is it gets kind of old after a while, and there's no zone of the song that's as good as the first. Also, you can't record the way you played it and get a code for it and then share with friends. Still a great game though.


Slick interface and simplistic design. You can jump right in without even having to read directions. The idea of the queue system is very, very cool. What's awesome about it is the different combinations and how you're able to do things how you choose to. Beautiful sounds. I'd love to see this idea expanded. Keep up the innovative music SGX!

hooray for sgx

yaaay you put something on newgrounds dude. I made like, 3 or 4 animations with parts of your songs in them and yet this kicks my ass x2.

Awesome, simple, creative.

Mixing your own music, mainly electronic type, is simple, and has its great rewards. The simple interface, and clean looks make it easy on the eyes. This fuels the human imagination, and gives a great passion for a user's creation of music. Simple, beautiful, all that most can ask for. Great job, on this one-of-a-kind audio board.

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4.48 / 5.00

May 31, 2006
8:25 PM EDT
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