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Lostsolution.net and Bananaknights.com present to you a little new game: BirdBallz! (after loads of arguing)
Play as BirdBallz, a little bird with a big pair of balls that make it hard for you to fly! Use your mouse to control it and left click to flap! You lose energy for every click, so you need to collect grain to gain some more power! Be on the look out for power-ups and avoid the bird flu virus...
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ok game

The game held my attention for a few seconds. The gameplay wasn't too involved. Try making the game better and have original SFX not stolen ones from other games

down below.

mrs bird must be very lucky. good rating cause for a simple thing its good.
popcorn? seriously.

i dun- wtf.

ok its a lil wierd and its extremley hard to contoll i think it could use alot of help like take away a few viruses add in a lil more antibiotics and make bigger screen area but apart from that it was not THAT bad... it would it make it more enjoiable if u had levels diferent backrounds and if it was going to one side and had a start and stop point


I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this when i fisrt looked at it. Quite funny and music was good go go with it. the graphics were okay. al in all a good game!

Fun but I feel trapped somehow

This is a quirky funny game right from the ,start using a bird with giant balls.
Graphics 7/10 The Bird look rather funny with his oversized balls, and the whole game had a look of fun about it. The screen not the biggest worked the bird ,was well drawn. The menu and help are useful. The colors are nice maybe a little dated. It has aged well. This worked and made the game good.
Sound .6/10 I thought the music is good it reminded, me of old video games. The sound went well with the game, it was funny and the sound is strong. It got annoying though after a while ,it looped no varity to it.O and one last thing you see that review under this it's extremly gay.

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3.44 / 5.00

May 31, 2006
4:33 PM EDT

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