WTC Tribute - 'Always'

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I was speechless. It was surely the most horrifying event in my lifetime. The terrorist attacks on the three locations of the Eastern United States took countless lives, and threatened the spirit of our nation. And I found myself fumbling for words.

And so I took up a search for words to borrow, and what resulted was the tribute video below ā€“ a video honoring the citizens of the free world who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Iā€™m sharing a message of compassionate non-violence, a message that Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently delivered.

"Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." ā€“ Mahatma Gandhi

The images are all property of Reuters and AP Photo, and the music is a beautiful song by Hans Zimmer from The Thin Red Line Motion Picture Soundtrack.


Pretty good

Dear Americans,
I know this Tragity was bad, but the thing is your makin a bad situation into a worst one. Dropping bombs on Iraq or Afganistan won't help. Your just like the terrorist, your killin the innocent people who didn;t even know. But if America does go to war I wish the best to you and I hope no one gets killed. But we can't believe our Canadian brothers died in the line of duty by one of yours> But I solute America and Best Wishes to you all


I really liked the quotes from Ghandi...really sends the message of peace...i like it...

that was beautiful

keep makin them

The best tribute ever.

This is the best tribute I've ever seen. I love it when people give a tribute to their country or to any country for that matter. Don't listen to people who say that this is the worst thing you could have possibly made, because it isn't, it's the best thing you can do mabye even better. Terrorists should never be allowed into our beautiful country, off Osama Bin Laden, he's a PEICE OF SHIT.

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This is so great...

This is so great that I don't think I can I fully glorify this with words. I don't care what others say, If they don't want to see this and want it blammed, I have one thing to say...
We have a right to not forget this. It was a monumental event in our history, in world history. It marked the day when evil basterds don't get thier way. When they made an entire nation pissed. Not something they can simply payoff, or asinate. They helped unite the nation against a comen foe. In that respect I thank you and leave you with this message. Put your head between your knees, kiss your butt goodbye cause' your in line and when your number is up you'll get yours.

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