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WTC Tribute - 'Always'

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Sep 14, 2001 | 8:58 PM EDT

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

Author Comments

I was speechless. It was surely the most horrifying event in my lifetime. The terrorist attacks on the three locations of the Eastern United States took countless lives, and threatened the spirit of our nation. And I found myself fumbling for words.

And so I took up a search for words to borrow, and what resulted was the tribute video below ā€“ a video honoring the citizens of the free world who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Iā€™m sharing a message of compassionate non-violence, a message that Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently delivered.

"Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." ā€“ Mahatma Gandhi

The images are all property of Reuters and AP Photo, and the music is a beautiful song by Hans Zimmer from The Thin Red Line Motion Picture Soundtrack.



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Good flash, but i agree with thelordofthecheese. The American army is vecoming power hungry. People, lets remember Veitnam (not shure if i spelled it right). The American army would go to every village they could find and SLAUGHTER every one they could find. At night they would get drunk or get stoned. The next day, they would find another village and slaughter them. If in one of those villagers had wounds and the Army thought that they may have attack another group of Army men and that person was hurt, they would question him. If the villager said that it was no attack, BAM a villager is dead. I live in America, and i want to join the Army when i become 18 BUT i would NEVER slaughter people like in Vietnam or the Iraq war. But id say it was a good flash. And the guy under my post, shove a sock in it. I know the prayer may have seemed corney but jeeze dont call the dude gay for being religios or want to pray. Jeeze....


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Fucking gay

Omg, youre such an gay, Raptor


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Beatiful, yet depressing.

I've always cried thankfully to the soldiers who died to protect us.
It's so true that if you fight back, you'll gain freedom, but never peace. Remember the way of love, peace, & forgiveness. Because, we have to forgive & love one another! We may have lost our way, but if we restore peace, ALL WILL BE RESTORED!.......... I'd like to say a pray for a cared one of my friend's. His name was Kelvin, had a baseball scholarship, but died in Iraq before getting married.
It's tragic, such a loss...... "Dear Lord, who art in heaven, enlighten the path into the divine beyond, guide & protect our dearest friend through the dark, & welcome him into Your holy embrace. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen."

We love you, Kelvin, & we always will.



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some people use as their main line against the WTC tribute that the "US is using tha hole 911 thing as a reason to kill the musilims bc were americans and we just love to kill and we love wars." well, like gahndi and eye for and eye, i belive that, the actions of a gun toting hillbliy are not americas, yea, he DOES run the country, and that sucks, but this movies messege is a tribute AND a messege that the war in the middle east was wrong.
so like ghandi, never "eye for and eye", k that came out wrong but im sure some1 understands this.
Good Bless
Not an American, tho i liv there


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That was very moving, it deserves some kind of award or something :). Nice work a beautiful sentiment.