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MS Alien Abduction

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Author Comments

Awesome!! My first movie and it's not blammed !!!! COOL!!!
My friend who is the same age as me came up with a story of some random violence which I, as a sixth grader, animated. We did this in less than 15 hard working minutes. My friend got me the music while I imported images of sprites into Flash and animated it. Then, I proudly present you:
Metal Slug Alien Abduction!!!

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Good start

forgive me for saying this, but i see so many "holes" in your work. it is a good start for future movies that you'll be making. you have the talent; you just have to shape it, trim it, and hammer it like iron while it's still hot. kinda like making a sword. or, better yet, making a diamond. you have to attain that "perfection". in order to do so, watch other sprite movies, not only here, but also on other sites(don't know where, but i know there are A LOT of them). another thing to help boost your talent. be a director. i know you are laready, but you have to "FEEL" being a director. you have to be strict on your project, and prevent mistakes at all costs. put your hear into it, though, because if you don't, it'll look crappy no matter how "perfect" your flash movie is. it takes time. no worries, no need to rush. practice makes perfect. must have a long and captivating storyline to make people watch your movie more, kinda like attracting people to buy your stuff ^_^. Last, but not the least, looking forward for your next work. i bet, it'll be "100% better" than this one.

deltatsunami responds:

thanks for the advice man. i'll be sure to follow your tips..


uhh i dont know what to say.

that was kinda ok for a first movie but i m going to have to give u a 2/5.it wasnt very good.just keep trying k . :)

deltatsunami responds:


Heh, nice job.

Pretty well done for your, I guess, first movie. Grats, man. Make some more. 3/5


deltatsunami responds:

thnx, i'll keep that in mind


but i really suggest you take off the guy shooting at the loading part and also it says in your profile that your 14 (and you say your not) then it's 2006 already, you can change it into 13 again.

deltatsunami responds:

well, i can't cuz newgrounds won't allow me. i already took off the stupid shooting guy, after a while, the loading also annoyed me to death so i had to smash this computer and buy a new one from circuit city, import this movie, install flash, and fix it. my mom wasn't very pleased with her laptop.

Well done

your only in sixth grade and you did such an awesome job


deltatsunami responds:


Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
9:42 PM EDT