Metal slug tenth army 2

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This one is pretty cool. kinda of short but still cool. A lot of people die in this one

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GOOD. But I realised there was one problem. There isn't any action you know. You more like see a lot of soldiers get owned but theres no real gunfights and things. It would be awesome if you did that. =D


hahaha.oh you got a problem i think you erased something on the last part it has the captains face erased or something.and how do you make a flash movie?cuz i wanna make one just pm me if you wanna tell me.thanx for the great vid hahahah

This is like Day D

This is like day D ( I mean Normandy invasion ), and you took realy good music, I m not shour but in your movie was this same music what was in game "Call of duty" ,
I like flash movies with soldiers fight.

This game hove some bugs and mistakes but who I m to telling what is good and what is bad in flash movie, I m giving vote 5.

Better than the first ep

Good action, decent plotline. The series is getting more interesting. Battle situations are better portrayed here - I like the portrayal of the beach battles (even if it's not without flaws).

Beefs: When the two commando dudes talk about helping their boys at the beach etc. I have some trouble reading their dialogue, due to the fact that the letters are black against a darkly coloured background - give us some brightly coloured letters against a dark background or vice versa, so we may actually be able to read it.

When the commandos go on their killing sprees, it looks strange how they run up real close to the enemy troops (who don't even open fire!), firing at point blank range, but seemingly missing for the first ½ second before the enemy troops begin to drop.

Conclusion: The movie is a little short, but it's concise and it's a clear improvement over your first. Oh and the music is good too.

hellhunter1 responds:

are you like profetonal movie revieign or something cuz u sound like it


i like it there were some sound problem and grapic but otherwise it was kool.it reminded em about d-day adn that i should finish my d-day comic thx for reminding me. :)

hellhunter1 responds:

thx yeah you spelled AND wrong lol

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3.60 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
9:26 PM EDT
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