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This short film is a departure from cartoons I have done before. The slow movement and dark smokey environment create an atmosphere that is less like cartoon. It's not intented to be funny or scary but I hope it's amusing.


Wow, this was really really good.

I found this quiet enjoyable. There were some parts that were choppy, but overall it was really well done. Just the music got boring.

Not half bad!

Everything looked good, I liked it, but after reading your description, I don't think you're there yet. The smoke effects are alright, but try layering a few thinner smoke layers than one or two thck ones. Also, the color scheme is still much too bright for the effect you're going for. Try picking a central color scheme (maybe muddy brown, or grey), and variating individual item color only as needed. That way, it'll look darker, and more mood-specific, as well as adding more emphasis on the plot-important elements (lava lamp, stereo, beer cans). Great flash, though!

nice job

The movie overall was kinda screwed up with the stoned rabbit and all, but the animation was great! kepp it up.

sure its ok

but you didn't really make a pre-loader did you? it was just a rectangle growing not a real preloader right?

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that rabbit was fucking stoned

i know this is newgrounds and everything is animated but your work has a more cartoony feel like sumthing you would watch on t.v. or sumthing . but jus great i like your style keep em coming

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3.80 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
8:04 PM EDT