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Chair Gap

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*If you enjoyed this then submit it to the clay page*
This isn't the ABSOLUTE best I can do, but I wanted to make it for fun. Tommi and SDeth did some awesome voices in it. Thanks guys ;)
Music: Offspring-Self Esteem
Keep the reviews constructive. And thanks for watching, enjoy :)

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I found this to just be okay. I will give it credit for having some pretty cool designs. They really are out of the ordinary. I just didn’t like how it flowed. There wasn’t much smoothness. I know clay creators resent always being compared to Knox.

I mean, the designs seemed at least a little similar. I do like the idea of them going through the chair. It’s interesting to see how their world works. It could also be a bit shorter. The voices weren’t bad.

pretty kool!

ok. it wasnt the funyest, but the animation is awesome! keep it up! :) :) :)
my site. y'all luv it


i assumed u meant hispanola as u said 2 years and i thought i try to mak comment make sense as for a 2-yr old u r reelly good with NG stuff. keep it up and won day we all laugh when u a child star. (im 3 myself). (okay, but i feel three as i occasionaly pee my pants) and misppell words. . . (.).

Cody-Bradley-Pro responds:

I'm not 2 years old dude. And I don't think you're 3. This must be some international delema. But thanks for the review.

Pretty good

This is pretty good
this is claymation worthy

Cody-Bradley-Pro responds:

Thanks dude.


funny, createive, well made.... funny.

well that was so brilliant i just had to review it, the first claymation i've ever liked, really well done dude :).... make more!

Cody-Bradley-Pro responds:

Brilliant eh. That means a lot to me, thanks. And the first claymation you ever liked, wow, I mean there re hundreds of claymations out there. Thanks a lot man.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
5:30 PM EDT