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well, i hope u will enjoy my new work. have a nice day



That is one of the best games i personally have ever played...keep up the good work...Also you should add more wepons and levels

I agree

To take on, a genre of game that been redone, and redone, revamped, and reiterated since 1985.. This isn't a bad one. There are most deffiently better ones out there.. (Not just including NewGrounds) But there are so totally way more bad ones. I liked it.. It has that warm and fuzzy feeling you get every time you smash a target. I threw you a 5 humor rating, because everytime I missed, for some strange reason, i'd laugh to myself. So, there you have it. Good Job.

Good Job...

Very good...The graphics are great...the sound is good...only, it is a little boring. Of course I have no experience in making games, but this is just shooting targets you know? So next time (if there is one) make it a little more fun to play, like shooting moving targets or something...

Frickin Sweet

It was a gret game though a little frustrating at times.

Top Score: 3826
Top Survival: 2314
Fastest Reaction: 0.177
Fastest Bullseye: 0.256

Loads of potential

I agree with the other reviews regarding improvements and expansion. Also, it seems to me that reaction time is more weighted than accuracy; needs to be refined slightly, as I found just getting the fastest reaction time lead to the biggest highscores, even if you hit it on the outer circles.

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4.02 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
5:26 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person