Big Mama's House 3

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What a treat! For you the Newgrounds viewers, a sneak peak at the third film in the Big Mama trilogy, "Big Mama's House 3, Biggest Mama."
Check out my other cartoons on Newgrounds while you're here! Specifically "The Mustache Contest" and "The Superlative World of Abbreviations."
** front page! totally radical to the max. always funny though how the exposure takes a big bite outta your nice score. whatev's. no use crying over spilled votes.**


fat people are funny

This flash had some good humore mostly because a fat undercovered agent on a caoch that solve the crime without getting up is hilariouse. am sad to say the grapphics and sound didn't save it from a seven.
still was funny!

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What the fuck?

I'd have to say that was complete crap. Good graphics good sounds but the humor was crap.. I did not laugh at any part of it except at the end when I relized I just wasted 3 mins of my life watching this shit..

Try harder, like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder

this wasn't good. maybe you should have actually had big momma move seeing as how it's just Martin Lawrence(i think that was supposed to be Martin) in that suit. Also it really wasn't funny. The only part that was at least around the perimeter of funny was the ending how the title was randomly shouted out. Other than that this really did suck. How did this even make front page?


Get sum better jokes , do some research, dont freestyle your work it gets very dull.
stop with the retarded sexual humor. do it right if your going to do it at all.

it was amusing

only thing that got me was the rectangle gun barral :P
ok...daddyluv..im tired of all you people saying stuff is racist all the time wether its to get money or just make whatever sound bad...its pretty pethitic and sad..im not racist either i have plenty of black friends...but for all the blacks that say that racist crap you all can go back to africa if you dont like it here i mean you see any white only colledges? hell no see black ones and latino ones but no white ones cause its "racist" i mean you even have your own damn Starz channal i mean stfu for god sakes and get a life

BabyBirdComics responds:

uhhhhh, you're not helping me.

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3.62 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
3:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original