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Dance of Lies 2-The Curse

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Edit: :D I on the Collections :P thanks Tom.
Its Finally Done!

This, the awaited sequel of Dance of Lies, is
Finally Done, after a loot of time and a loot of work, here it is.


FBF animation,
Goth ambience and semi B/W Colors.
Stanic Details.
Sound Mix Quality for better performance during the Flash.

Look For the Extras on "Elve on a Log".
NOTE!: Im not an english talking person, so it was hard to translate some things XP.

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Honestly, the first part was better. Still, I kinda liked the basis to the Flash. The idea that the Shadow is haunting the family is a bit cliché, but in a good way. The bit that lets it down the most is the dialogue bit. It would've been better if you'd left the audio out and allowed the viewer to read the passage as it scrolled up the screen. I understand that your native tongue is not English (even if it were it would have had the same impact) but your voice just doesn't fit with the animation at all. No offense intended. Anyway, that is my opinion at least

I like it.

A nice tribute to Lilium. The animation is a bit choppy, but the story is solid and engaging, and that pulls it through. :-) Good work.

Oh, and to keltas, the reviewer below me: The girl in this video is intended to be an ancestor of the Lilium from the original video. The premise here is that the shadow had been haunting the family for years before the events of Lilium... That's why this girl doesn't look like the one from the original, and why she dies in the end.


this is better than the last one but i think Lilium did not dye......oh and the same problem:SHE HAD BLACK HAIR

Alright, time to write an actual review.

I'll give you a 7 simply because (and before people start hitting the useless button below this comment, you might want to listen up), Newgrounds is not a place where you can half-ass a cartoon and expect it to get anywhere. And this, while it seemed like you paid a lot of attention to detail and realism, also contains many small eyesores, such as the cracks that you put in EVERYTHING to make it look more realistic.

The lip sync parts were hilarious. I don't think you got your intended effect across.

I understand you spent a lot of time on this, and before people start flaming and saying I've never used Flash, I'll have you know that I've been working on a piece for a few months now, and it takes much more dedication than a few motion tweens and some lip sync. Why not try some frame by frame animation instead? Don't take that harshly, it's a serious suggestion.

Now, the part where the red background was pulsating and moving was very nicely done. And some of the perspective changes where the camera swings around the room were nice.

All in all, though, this didn't pass the bar as Newgrounds quality in my opinion. But I understand the unrewarding feeling of having your project overlooked amid the sea of other submissions after a ton of work, so I'm giving it a 7.

But hey, you got the Goth section.
Watch out for me, I'll see you there soon.


zato, you can to use both parts, not like the background of the shadow or a tribute to lilium, you can to use it like the past of lili. i love the song, it fit with the plot and very good. both parts are just a bit confused, no for the plot, but they dont fir with the description you gave. in the first part the shadow was released from the seal of a stone by lili (that the explanation i found) would be wonderfull make a video with the introduction of how the shadow was released, it would fit also with the past of birne's family. i have some question to do, but i still need to see more times the video, this is the number 126 X3, for now, can you to give me (for private) the link of the song? :P and if you have question about my review please ask me, (if you talk spanish better, me too, i wrote it in english to other can to read it too)

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4.09 / 5.00

May 29, 2006
12:03 AM EDT