Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden

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I've been very conflicted ever since the attack on NYC... I was considering making a tribute movie that portrayed the positive acts that occured during the aftermath, but eventually decided to stick with my roots and make a violent video game. I have a hard time trying new things.

I wasn't sure if a game would be appropriate, but I realized that it really is. You see, America is very sad right now, but it is also very ANGRY. People need a way to vent their frustrations, and I feel this can help.

I also tried to pack the game with a positive message. There are a lot of nice people in my city who wear turbans, and I don't want people giving them dirty looks just because of some wacko terrorists. So with that said, go kick Bin Laden's ass!



Seriosy,Funny :D


This game was amazing for 2001 and I'm glad to say that after 10 years it still holds up well. And as everyone in the comments below me rejoices that we finally killed Osama Bin Laden, most likely hasn't actually played this game. Had they played the game, however, they would know that it was not the U.S Navy SEALS that killed Osama, it was the Bad Dudes. >:P

Ahahaha, just kidding. I hope that wasn't too inapproite to say. Anyway, a simple game, and I'm sure it was some comic relief during a grief stricken time after 9/11 in September of 2001. Great game, Tom. As usual.

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fun that we can kick his a**

even if hes already dead today

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bin laden got OWNED

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to cucumbers

ur late...this was made in 2001 space...look before you write...as always great stuff Fulp

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Sep 14, 2001
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