Peoplemation : Punchup

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Wow, two NG submissions in one day :P

This is a short peoplemation (stopmotion with people) i made with my friend and his brother. Enjoy!


A good liveaction stopmotion.

When i watched this, the first thing i noticed is that
you are both young, the second thing i noticed is that its nicely animated. I consider myself a good enough liveaction stopmotion maker at the age of 15, but if you do this good when you are both 13... All i can say is keep it up, you have natural talent.

hahaha, t'was funny

that was actually really funny, i thought it would be crap, but it was quite funny methinks, anyway, goodluck with ur other movies,

Wasn't bad...

It was fun to watch you guys beat up the little kid. But I hated how you put your own animation in. Not to be rude but that animation ruined it. It was funny enough. But frame rate was too slow, and the movie was too short. I want to see you make more, and improve!

SoniKaoS responds:

If you liked it, go check out my movies "Peoplemation collection" and "Peoplemation collection 2"
No flash was added to them. :)

i liked it

it was pretty funny and i liked it


Pretty good stop-motion video. Creative and amusing. You could improve upon the flash integration, though. Overall, not bad.

I hope to see more. Keep improving!

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3.04 / 5.00

May 28, 2006
1:40 PM EDT
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