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Mark meets Greg

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**NOTE*** I had to re-submit this because the Play button was messed up so barely anyone saw the animation..I fixed the play button so now it can get the grade it deserves. Thanks! ***NOTE END***

Well I'm just testing out my graphic skills.. I still need to think of a full story for the series..You know since I started Flash I noticed that it takes forever to make a long animation..this animation took 3 days and look at it..still short..damn!! Anyways this is just when Mark the Sheep Meets Greg.. :) Enjoy and tell me what you think!

check out the site here: http://nimthecat.lfproductions.com

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Where was the meeting?

The movie starts off nice enough, but towards the end, it doesn't make much sense. Is this part of a series? I didn't see any of the characters actually meet. The visual sequence makes the story look a bit more like the first goatguy is excited about all the new sheep.. and then suddenly there's a skinny goat? And then suddenly one of the goats (maybe?) is dead? Huh?

The animation style has a lot of promise, but the story just wasn't clear at all.

decent movie

but... isn't mark more like a GOAT?!

Not bad.

The character symbols were a bit... pixelyish, (On my computer at least), but the whole animation was great. The good use of filters, and GREAT GRASS!



lol , emo-fide , that was a good one , and the flash was great but the supposed commercial break din't end , I waited 2 min to see if something else was gonna happen.


I don't get it, but it's pretty good.