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Leet Majora's Mask

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took me a couple weeks. it pissed me off at how many times I got sidetracked from it. like, every second I would work on it, something would keep me from it.

UPDATE: ya'll niggas I fixed the easter egg.

I'm submitting it to NG first instead of dA because of the easter egg that I'll eventually fix.

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Metal Gear Zelda 2 :O

Yet again a humorous little movie. It has all the good bits of Leet Ocarina of Time, except better! My favourite bits are the Micheal Jackson bit and the Snake mask...lol! Great work.

omg so funny

Lol link allready knew the song of time! and the fariy tali said go to the (zelda muisc) ok go to the (zelda music again) nice one

Tehe. xD

It was, really, really, REALLYYY funny. XD

Kagome's voice is used almost everywhere for Zelda. In my opinion, she says her lines too forcefully, and it sounds exaderated.

But, it was awesome.

pastabilities responds:

yeah I know I don't really like her voice acting that much but I wanted someone like her to voice Navi, but the only person like her is her herself... thanks for the review.

Link? Link! LIINK!

MGS Fan are we? Who's the Solid Snake voice?

pastabilities responds:


who has starred in such flash movies such as "NOT-SO METAL GEAR AC!D"

Um... its okay... I guess...

It was good, but maybes if you added the dungeon battles, the exploration, meeting tingle and everyone, not taking the **** out of the whole Zelda series (trust me, it was NOT funny) And make a GOOD movie, i'm not saying that it was crap... well... it sorta was but... I think you can do better!

pastabilities responds:


forgot about tingle.