after lockday 2006

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very very quick movie, dont see my best in this ok?

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What happens to Locks after there beloved Lock Day? This film exploits the emotions of the Locks the day after, in a definately unique way that I can honestly say I have yet to see done before. Considering the file size, the animation was pretty good, and there were plenty of varied characters with lots audio including dialouge, background songs and other sound effects. With some tinkering with the backgrounds, I think this could be as good looking as it was funny. Keep up the good work, I will be looking out for more of your work in the future.


biohazard-moon responds:

thank you my good man, always trying to be an artist


I like how easily faggy newgrounders are pissed off just by lock day films =]

huh, more lock shit.

one question, what in the name of god happened in the porn parlor?{im lost, but good flash}

biohazard-moon responds:

if you didnt get it, youre stupid
have a better day


^^Good Points^^
I think it is a good idea for a "Day After" type movie. This turned out to be a funny movie. I liked jellyfish lock and her rape-ness. The storyline was pretty funny and I liked the flashback scenes. The music during that was top knotch.

^^Needs Improving^^
The graphics weren't too great. I didn't like the drawing of the porn parlor. You should have added some shading and more detail because it looks very noobish as it is. Also, the sound effects are just so overused. Get your effects from somewhere other than flash kit. I would recommend, since your characters talk in speakonia, to do the screams in Speakonia.

Good job on ...

the Lordi music at the end.

biohazard-moon responds:

good job on...
the worlds most idiotic review

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3.25 / 5.00

May 27, 2006
9:33 AM EDT
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