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LL - Master of Time

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Author Comments

Sweet, daily fourth! Thank you anyone who voted 5! :D

Warning: There is a scene that may cause people who are prone to seizures to...have a seizure.

Edit: I fixed the sound by messing with the frame placement. Yay! Also, I filled in the one-pixel-wide vertical line on the side of some backgrounds in some scenes. Nobody really noticed that though.

Hello there, I'm MasterLock, with my biggest and bestest Flash I've ever made, for Lock Day 2006. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish my flash in time for Lock Day, due to hour-long exporting (fghghg gayness) and a GIGANTIC amount of sound errors, glitches, bugs, and crap like that. If anyone knows how to fix the messed up delay in the audio in the last few scenes, advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Try to ignore the messed up audio delay, or help me fix it. The second idea sounds good to me.



awww poor Baby Log =(

hahaha very nice Master. I really like that little Mario bit in it :] Late Happy Lock Day


MasterLock responds:

Late happy Lock Day to you too.

oh god

That was so wicked.
I never knew my weakness was soap. :o
Anywho, the graphics where great, animation was smooth, and the whole thing was just hilarious. Great work.

MasterLock responds:

Thank you. In case you're a bit slow, your weakness is soap because you are a smelly, smelly breadfruit. If you had soap used on you, you would die of...not being smelly. Yeah.

Well thought out.

There was a story here that i think may have linked to an older story? but i wish that you would animate faces and attached body parts. I think its kind of a cop-out to animate all the characters with keyhole faces. The graphics where a bit se-metrical and for that boring. I give you a 6 overall for the lack of advanced animation, you clearly have the talent and time to do a more interesting set of facial animation. Push yourself harder and your stuff will improve.

MasterLock responds:

Erm, thanks for the review, but in the Lock Legion, we kind of are supposed to animate with locks on inanimate objects, we don't really do human crap.


The music kept stopping all the time so I needed to stop the animation and continue it.
dunno if its only for me but try to fix it.

besides that, great animation.

MasterLock responds:

Maybe it's your computer, nobody else has this problem. Try setting the quality to medium or low or something.

Very good

--The Good--

First of all, this is simply a great flash movie. The graphics in this movie were smooth, and they weren't choppy at all really. Also, I liked how you made the two locks into sprites. The style in this movie was great, too. The sound in tihs movie was excellent; you could understand pretty much everything that they were saying, and the choices of music were very good (especially that music at the end :). There was quite a lot of violence in this flash; the murdering of the Fingerlock (I don't know if that's his name for sure) counted for some of it, and they burning of the Babyloglock, and the fight between Breatfruitlock and Masterlock and the end (are the 'l's in 'lock' capitalized in the lock's name's?) There was some interactivity in this movie, too. The menu was great. I haven't watched the extras, but I've seen the whole movie (but I haven't watched the credits :P). The subtitles in this flash were great, and good for people who can't understand what the locks in this movie are saying, and this flash was also pretty funny. Oh, and I love your pre-loader!

--The Improvement-Needing--

Well, though the graphics were good, the only problem I had with them was that when they were in the time vortex, all of a sudden the graphics became low quality! That's not a huge complaint, but I just thought I'd mention that (was it on purpose...?) Also, when they were in the time vortex, you couldn't hear what they were saying at all (were they even saying anything...?)


Overall, this is a great flash ovie. The graphics and style were great, and the sound was great, too. I love your pre-loader, also! The menu was a good addition to this flash, and there was some violence in this flash (which may or may not be a good thing...) You can improve on a few minor issues (the low quality graphics in the time portal, and, also, you can't hear what they're saying in the time portal [or was that on purpose, or were they even saying anything?]). But, overall, this is a great flash!

MasterLock responds:

Thank you my kind sir.

1. "Fingerlock" is known as PeaceLock.
2. Yes, the L in "lock" is usually capitalized in names.
3. The preloader was made by UnknownClock, it's kind of the official Lock Day preloader, since most locks are using it for their movies.

Improvement-wise: Yes, the graphics were supposed to be set to low for the time vortex scene; as it runs very very laggily if it's on high, and I never really tried medium, to tell the truth. Also, they weren't saying anything, I just made subtitles, and synched the lock movements to what I think it would normally be like, because the music was loud and such.

Long story short, the time vortex issues you had were completely on purpose, due to laggy computers and loud music and stuff. (Also, if the quality had been set higher, the music would mess up, since it is set to stream (flash terminology :L).)

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

May 27, 2006
4:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 4th Place May 28, 2006

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