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Luigi: The reversed Vine

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This is just a short (real short) cartoon me and SSS wanted to do after finding a glitch in NSMB,
I ground pounded a block and the vine went downwards... when I was almost at the death point of the stage I jumped and the screen panned down, there Luigi fell, never dying... just falling..

Anyway it's about a minute and a half but we wanted to try a multi-author thing..

Super sonic spriter says: For those who have seen my cartoons... Yes, there will be more episodes of Project Mecha, I've been working really hard on the second one... There are ALOT of fight scenes



Luigi crying in the end was just halerious
great job ^^

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reverse world...

you know that would be funny if that happened in a real mario game.

Just not Luigi's day.

Great story. I love the whole paralell universe aspect. Great idea.
Alos, love the recoloring on Peach. Very nice.
You could go with a larger screen. This one just seeme too small.


totally worth it^x^

That was great! :D

Poor Luigi, nothing ever seems to go right with him... -_-
The whole thing was great though, especially the ending, which was hilarious! Great concept, decent animation, good length, great song picks, very good use of Luigi's voice clips, and this made me laugh!

It deserves a solid 4/5 & 8/10. Well done! Keep up the good work.

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4.24 / 5.00

May 26, 2006
10:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody