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im cumming lizards

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Hurley can do better!

Don't let me look at you're earlier work, I've seen you do better so now I'm giving you a low score. When you and I-pod's toilet we're popping caps, I couldn't tell what was happening. And also, you didn't put the "Stop all sounds" action script on the last slide so when you replay it, your ska is still playing. I think you should quit putting noobs like Tri Force and Nike in your movies, it makes you look like a noob too.

HurleyLock responds:

Shut the fuck up

The perfect flash...

Well, I have to admit, this is a nice flash. I dont know much bout lock legion, but I love ska. Bring on the ska is what I always say.
keep this up and the reiviews will flow.


Bring on the SKA!

I felt this was fun. I liked the gangster culture play. I especially loved the dis on rap and advertisement for SKA! What program do you Locks use for electronic voiceovers?

HurleyLock responds:

Awesome, a fellow Ska fan! What a constructive review! Oh and the program is "Speakonia"

OMG can we say don't waste your time?

Ok i'm not gonna say much more than it sucked. I watched for maybe all of 10 seconds and closed the window. The computer generated voice doens;t go nor does the graphics, it all sucks. Just best to start all over and try again, sorry =(

HurleyLock responds:

Haha, Fuck you. Oh yeah, and by the way: Flash by KamakaziSquirrel:
- none -

Go fuck yourself.

One of the only movies I like with computer voices

I like the movie, Ecpecialy the music.
No matter what I always hate computer voices! weather its clock or lock.
But this had a little cool theam in it.
I still think the music is the best part.
Pretty good animation too.