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Jedi Alan

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This is a short, sweet and rough little collaboration animation I did with a friend. We sent it back and forth through email, each adding a few scenes at a time. It kinda' pokes fun at a few friends of ours...Mostly it was a joke we had fun working on. 'Hope you enjoy!

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not bad, ignore the haters,.. they will always be around tryin to be cool.

Got a good laugh from it.

It was short and sweet,the character design was great especially Vader and it was just a quick funny Star Wars parody with some original characters in the mix,nice job.

Realmguys responds:

Hehe, thought that this was forgotten about, thanks for the review! :)

a mix of stop motion and classic animation

This one wasn't too bad but it wasn't too great I think its missing people's actiual voices instead of dumb short voice clips

O cmon

Cmon ppl it's not all that bad. I mean i didnt really like how u used screen shots of the movie, but the parts that were actually drawn, i liked em. i kinda laughed a bit and why did u use the Actis 2 Interceptor (Jedi Starfighter) when theyre not even in use nymore? Theyre put out of commission after the Clone Wars. Use the T65 X-Wing or sumtin. But over all i kinda liked it.


That was just somethin' else. If you don't mind I will now try and commit suicide after viewing that terrible flash. YIKES!

Realmguys responds:

Suicide is definitely the solution, please hurry and succeed with your notion.