All Wound Up

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This cartoon was adapted from a short comic strip I did about ten years ago in which the protagonist suffered much less bodily harm than in the current animated version. This cartoon is actually the third incarnation as there was a previous cartoon version which I abandoned a couple years ago due to the fact that it kinda sucked.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this one though. It's extremely violent so it should appeal to everyone.

Feel free to tell me what you think, unless of course its just some inane comment like "I think the guy's voice sounds retarded," or some silly crap about "glorifying violence," because this cartoon is very goofy and has no bearing on reality whatsoever and if, for some reason, it still causes you to start foaming at the mouth in rage, then you're much more screwed up than I am.



You can animate, but this was not cool

YOu have pretty good animating skills, but this seemed very tasteless. I know some people like different things, but this is just dumb. I like some occasional violence, but I don't find it amusing to watch some idiot get hurt in tis fashion. Please try something else.

Just another violent skit

I was hoping this was going to be cool, but it turned into yet another over-the-top dismemberment skit. Whatever. Disliked it.


i guess unfunny useless gore doesnt entertain me any more....

no me gusta

violence = not funny anymore

Blam this piece of crap

this sucked so bad it made a black hole look weak. it was just gratuitous violence and nothing else.

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4.13 / 5.00

May 25, 2006
4:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original