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OK I see some of you like backgroundlaughs and others don't. Personally I never use it, but it just belongs to the character: fred the eggplant.


Very cool

you have a great way with charachters..their backrounds,..etc.Very entertaining stuff.

Not bad at all!

That was a good flash and that stupidness of the eggplant made it funny. "There was a princess who was bewitched, by a witch. If anyone said "egg" to her she would explode. Then one day a prince came up to her and said "egg". Then princess exploded and the prince lived happily ever after" I liked that flash, keep up the good work.

-Burning Hemlock

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The preloader was a bit big, it took some time before even that loaded, it was annoying. At least put some small text that says loading so that it loads instantly. This didn't have much action, but was funny and good, kind of peaceful. I actually liked the canned laughter, it fit well. Subtitles are always plus, that's good. The eggplant's stories wereanimated in a good style, good voices too. I wonder why Fred the eggplant start going all odd when saying "about", that has noting to do with chicken soup? But anyway, that was good too. Especially the cuckoo. I personally like movies that have more action in them more, this was almost boring at times. But overall this was good.

SkyFox148 responds:

A little loading-frame be4 the preloader eh? Not a bad idea.

Pretty Darn Good

I liked this alot, especially the use of the crappy graphics to tell the eggplant's stories. The only thing that I didn't like was the use of the canned laughter. Found that quite annoying after a while. But apart from that, twas aaaaall good.

looooved it!

lol really creative. i've never seen crappy graphics put to good use as in telling the eggplant's stories. real nice. looking forward for more of the vegetable garden.

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3.50 / 5.00

May 25, 2006
8:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Original