Dragon for a Neighbor

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I did this for my animation class. We had choice of topics to choose from. I chose this. Its my first full animation.


ok intro 4 a story

good flash but story is way to childish and boring u should definintly keep making flashes but make a better story + way to short even 4 a intro.

pretty damn good for a first flash

people may say this is a stupid flash dont let it get you down i know lots of people whos first flash consited of a stick man being wherled around in a tornado looking like hes smokeing himself in the balls repeatedly for computer sience class:P good job man you have talent build on it also i gave the violence so high cause well he got knives and shit hurled at him:P and humer at a 10 cause well i just had a knife thrown at me a few days ago so i can relate hit me just below the if you where wondering:P


This made it through the portal? Not to be rude, but the animation wasn't that great. You had a good drawing of a dragon, that was pretty much it. Otherwise, anybody could have done that. Nothing new, or original. Shouldn't the football pop when molten flames are spewing out of his nose?

Dragons are good to have around...

Finally, a flash about dragons. Most flash are boring and not worth my time, but anything with dragons in it is good. (Of course, as long as no one submits any anti-dragon flash...LOL)

Final vote = 4 out of 5

P.S.: I forgot to login before submitting my vote, though... <slaps head>

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not long enough

what else would happen if you had a dragon for a neighbor? animation could have been a little better, and it could have been longer, but what was there was funny.

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2.12 / 5.00

May 24, 2006
5:51 PM EDT
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