Earthworm Jim Collab

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*Thank You for putting this in the Video Game Collections, Enjoy*

EDIT-Thank you to Douglas TenNapel and Lemm for watching this collab, we hope we gave Jim a honorable good bye.

A Tribute collabaration run by RicStrife23 as a gift to Earthworm Jim and Douglas TenNapel.

IMPORTANT!!!-The whole collab is not a Movie, TheBlox was nice enough to remake the Puppy Love game, Enjoy-Ric


I loved earthworm Jim!

It was a pretty good collab, but I thought the menu was a little lousy, but meh! Alot of it was funny, some of it got a little boring somethimes. I voted 5/5, because the score needs to be closer to 4.00. But where did you get the worms sprites, not earhtworm jim, and the backrounds, I have looked at panel monkey shyguy kingdom, everywhere...

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RicStrife responds:

Well, I cannot remember where I found the worms sprites unfortunatly...but the background was created by me using Worms background colors.

and sorry about the menu, im still new to flash, 1 year exp ;p

Yes! Earthworm Jim!!

Top marks to the guy who recreated Earthworm Jim 2 Puppy love game, insanely good fun!

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RicStrife responds:

That would be TheBlox, he did a VERY good job- Ric

Good try

it was a good try, but a collab made mainly out of sprites won't go down well, i liked the humour, but it got a bit tiring fast, maybe some music sync or voicings would keep the intrest.

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RicStrife responds:

well, none of use had done a collab before, so this was a test run, also we had to keep to the 5Mb limit, but over all glad you liked-Ric

Sweet, Man!

5/5 Material, right here.

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RicStrife responds:

thanks alot-Ric

it was alright

great sprites from a great game. cant wait for the conclusion to the battle agaist Dr robotnik.

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RicStrife responds:

We'll have to wait and see, MidNightMaren has a good way of telling stories -Ric

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3.96 / 5.00

May 24, 2006
4:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody